Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Took Down My Crochet Braids!

hair after taking down crochet braids.

Hey everyone,
yep it was that time to take down the crochet braids as you can see they looked good for along time! I had them in sense Dec. 4, 2012 all the way til Feb 5, 2013!! They went above and beyond the goals I had set. It's true to leave it alone. No fussing and bustling with the hair and it will last I PROVED IT! I took the last picture of myself before taking down the crochet braids, and how good they still looks. 

I wanted to make a blog to share with you how to take it down, I did a video but somehow my computer and editing software that came with camera isn't acting right I can't edit the video. I decided to takes pic clips from the video to show how I took out the crochet braids. 

tools you'll need to do this is:
plastic bag 
Hair clips
ponytail holders
rat tail comb
Big comb

I sectioned off hair that I'm working with first, then cut the crochet braid hair short enough to where I'm not cutting my own hair. It's easier to deal with being short (crochet hair that is) LOL. I continue to cut until all the crochet hair is cut short all over my head. 

me cutting the crochet braid hair

How hair looks after all been cut

There's 2 ways to take them down.
1st method: I  can pick each strand out one by one from the cornrows  
2nd method: to take down each cornrow and the hair will come out while I'm taking it down.

me showing how I'm taking it down 
I did both methods. It depend on the hair, some came out easier with me pulling it from the cornrow, some I had to wait and take out when taking the cornrow down. 
taking down braid and removing hair
I was glad when I was all done, but I will be doing this is a style that I will do again!! no doubt. I'm not sure when. Picture is at top on how my hair looked when I was done doing braids. I hope  you enjoyed. Have a blessed one. 

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  1. Awesome! Love to use to add colors that would be too much for my hair; blonde, red, etc. A new look :D

    Thanks for sharing.